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The global career and talent management expert within ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN).

Global Career Experts

The firm designs and delivers solutions to align talent strategy with business strategy. Right Management helps organizations become more agile, attractive and innovative by creating a culture of career management and learning that nurtures future talent, motivates and engages people and provides individuals with opportunities to increase their value throughout their careers.

Expertise spans Outplacement and Career Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Engagement, Talent Assessment and Leader Development.

Right Management – Florida/Caribbean

Tom and Maureen Shea launched Florida’s first Outplacement firm, which became a founding division of Right Management. Today Right Management Florida/Caribbean’s consulting team delivers the highest caliber services from offices in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Under the leadership of Maureen Shea, CEO and Tom Shea, Chairman & Founder, Right Management’s Florida/Caribbean Division offers the latest thinking on strategic workforce solutions. Clients give Right Management consistently high marks for all services provided, pointing to the depth of business experience and personal passion of each Right team member as the key reasons for their experience with Right exceeding expectations.

Global Career Experts
guide and inspire
With offices in over 70 countries, Right Management partners with companies of all sizes – including more than 80% of the Fortune 500. Click here to learn more about our capabilities and solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility –
It’s in Our DNA

While empowering people to achieve their aims in work and life, our team connects deeply with the communities we serve. As volunteers, our talent and career management experts inspire the region’s diverse, multigenerational workforce to reach higher and become community ‘change agents.’ In a host of leadership roles, we bring innovative, entrepreneurial spirit to support and sustain the Florida/Caribbean region’s economy and environment.

Our business is an ongoing demonstration of social responsibility in action. We join forces with Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Girl Scouts to expand young people’s career horizons. We help guide educational change as board members at St. Thomas University, Florida State University Center for HR Management and Nova Southeastern University’s Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Caring deeply for our communities, we work to make a real difference for United Way, Women Executive Leadership, Special Olympics, the American Heart Association and many other terrific organizations. That passion for community stewardship has brought our team wide-ranging recognition, including Casimiro Global Foundation’s Socially Responsible Company of the Year honors, the Florida Diversity Council’s Glass Ceiling Award, Leadership Broward Foundation’s Profiles in Leadership Award, and Hall of Fame honors from Junior Achievement and the Human Resources Association of Broward County.

Helping companies identify, nurture and develop talent in the fast-changing world of work, we enhance the capabilities of hundreds of people each day.

With a mission to “Guide and Inspire,” our team has enabled more than 75,000 people to advance their careers since its founding in 1979.

We are proud to partner with extraordinary organizations:

We are honored and humbled with distinguished awards & recognition:

socialresponsibility-asimiroSocially Responsible Company of the Year

socialresponsibility-diverseGlass Ceiling Award

socialresponsibility-leadershipProfiles in Leadership Award

socialresponsibility-juniorHall of Fame Honors

socialresponsibility-hrabcHall of Fame Honors

socialresponsibility-ftFor 7 Years

socialresponsibility-esgrPatriot Award

Hear What Our Candidates Say About Our Services, in their own words . . .

Great strategy discussion … well on my way to planning my next adventure

Great productive meeting with Deborah…

Dear Deb, Wes, Wendy and Patty – I’ve formally accepted my new position with Community Hospital System.

My start date is mid-April. Simply wanted to thank you for your dedicated assistance, professionalism and positive attitudes —- all greatly appreciated over the past months.

Will stay in touch!

I worked with Right Management in S.E. Florida for several months in 2016.

My main contact was Deborah Shelton, in the Ft. Lauderdale and W. Palm Beach offices. I also received excellent support from Patty Sloan and Wendy Carr of Right Management in the Ft. Lauderdale office.

Deb Shelton is an exceptional coach. She skillfully assists candidates who have to juggle multiple steps when going through organizational change. Deb provides valuable coaching advice through each step associated with accepting change and planning the next steps of one’s career.

As a seasoned executive, I know that ‘less is more’ in a testimonial.

Thus, I close in saying that Deb skillfully combines emotional intelligence and professionalism in keeping her candidates focused, ‘on task’ and ultimately successful in their careers.

Deb Shelton is a real treasure, and the other team members with whom I interacted were always pleasant and helpful.

It was our first meeting. Lisa was well prepared and gave great insight and resources.

The program is very comprehensive. It touches all of the areas of the outplacement process in great detail. From building your resume, to networking, marketing and closing the deal, evey stage of the process was very insightful.

Very responsive to questions and help.

Hey Deb! Great to hear from you. Your ears must have been burning. I was just talking about you and the great help I got from you last year!

Impressive that you recalled that I’m approaching a year here in LA — and have to say, I wish I had made a career transition earlier in my life. The intellectual stimulation has been more than I ever expected. While I’m not sure if that would have been possible, I do find myself thinkingI may have missed other opportunities along the way. 🙂

Best wishes for a prosperous new year to you especially and the whole gang there! Cheers!

I received guidance and support.  It was nice to have a professional place to take phone interviews.

I really got a good career coach who I connected with.

My experience, given the support and professional feedback during a difficult period was the reason for the score.  I felt the Friday morning networking sessions were very helpful.

Deborah was very helpful, supportive, informative and strategic and just great to work with as I was looking for my next role.

Deb is an excellent career coach and was pivotal in my search for my next career opportunity. Deb was able to provide me with the information and resources I needed, helped me focus on what was important to me and kept me highly motivated through the process. She always made herself available, even when I had a question while she was on vacation out of the country! On top of all of this, Deb was just great to work with and learn from during my search. I can’t thank her enough.

Deborah – I wanted write you a short note of appreciation for all that you and Right Management have done for me over the course of the past year.    First, I truly appreciate your coaching and support.  Deb, you possess the rarest of combinations of great passion and energy, unbelievable positive attitude, and competence.  I especially appreciated your focus on establishing connections, urging me to remain patient and reinforcement of my value.  THANK YOU!!!.  I also found the overall Right Management  experience to be exceptional.   The website provided a plethora of valuable learnings and skills development curricula.  The webinar instructors were first rate.  The special events were a nice opportunity to network with others experiencing the same challenges as well as network with local businesses and top recruiters.  And lastly,  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the excellent support staff who are second to none as they were always eager to assist and very responsive.

Extremely valuable feedback and strategics.

I appreciated the one on one experience. Chris gave me good advice to think about.

Jane does a great job in facilitating these conversations.  She always comes up with great topics to discuss, is well prepared, diversifies the discussions by using Ted Talks, presentations, info that she researched on the web, etc.  With her discussions being so diverse she engages the group, starts stimulating conversation among all, and answers/addresses concerns that we have in such an expert manner.  She is truly the expert in this area and we are so blessed to have her lead these Productivity meetings each Monday.  She makes the Productivity Meetings something that is worthwhile to drive a total of two hours for a two hour meeting.  Thank you for having her on your team and having her lead these conversations.  It is a pleasure to attend her meetings.

Lisa Kemp was a great speaker.  I liked how she called on us to present our 30 second commercial or to answer her questions on the spot.  It forced me to start to think about my answers just in case she was going to put me on the spot and call on me.  She was dynamic and talked about having wisdom and strategy during our search process.  She was very confident and instilled new ideas for us to grab hold and move forward.  I thank Jane for bringing her in and creating a name for these Monday Productivity Meetings that they are a “must attend”.  Kudos to Jane!

Lee has been supportive and thorough in following up with me.  He’s professional and insightful.  I appreciate his focus on my executive experience and interests.

Jane and Lisa – Hello, Wanted to share that I have accepted an offer, will be Director of Global Services  for Dover Fueling systems in Austin Texas,  I start April 24th , will be responsible for the Global Service teams,  I am planning on taking some time off, next week  visit Disney and decompress, will be in productivity meeting on the 17th to bring some snacks!!

For this role was total of 11 Interviews ,   6 over the phone  – phone  interviews, Recruiter Screening, VP of  HR ,  2 Hiring managers VP levels ) , One direct report  and North America GM then  5 on site Interviews   (Direct Report,  Same VPs  and HR and the HR Business partner for my team)  I had applied on LinkedIn, researched company, found a connection there, and she walked my Resume to the top of the pile – over 200 applicants according to LinkedIn.  Applied online Jan 28, first interview Feb 2.  Silence for over 5 weeks, then phone interviews week of March 17th and final trip to Austin, March 30th.

Thank you for your support, you truly made a difference.

Over 300 Applications  over 40 Phone  interviews ,  4 trips for face-to-face Interviews, New Hampshire, Houston, San Jose CA, and Austin and many, many, many rejection emails and short  phone calls.  I got  2 offers,  one in California and the one I accepted in Texa , in Austin  (now the best place to live according to US News  2017 reviews  and for me was my top choice Best job, best location, and closer to family).

Most helpful | CAR , Challenge action Results , elevator speech on what can I do for you , benefits of hiring me.  | Resume, Quantified results.  Ability to quantify results. | Attitude – How can I help?  These are my abilities, is that what you need?  What are your needs?

Now  reading First 90 Days! Thanks, again!

Jane provide me kindly feedback, she gave me some information regarding headhunting firms and also she has pending action items to resolve for me in the coming week.

Jane is a great facilitator. She ensures everybody participates in the meeting. It was a valuable session to me.

Jane gave me valuable feedback about my resume, career plan and areas for improvements. She recommended me to go to Toastmasters to improve my English conversational skills. I really appreciate that.

Jane gave me valuable feedback about my resume, career plan and areas for improvements. She recommended me to go to Toastmasters to improve my English conversational skills. I really appreciate that.

The content is excellent and found the resources/tools to be useful. I have kept a ‘binder’ of key items from the program. Really liked the Workfolio partnership that Right has established. I was able to use Workfolio and felt that it contributed to my overall ‘brand’ and like the ‘up to date’ method platform.

They were a great help getting my resume and approach to my job search started.

Laura went beyond my expectations. Her experiences, people skills and ability to listen and provide advise about the overall search plan was outstanding. Look forward to our next session.

Lee is an excellent resource, always accessible and provides insightful information.

Lee is extremely knowledgeable and communicates very effectively.  He is a great resource.

Lee does a great job of leading these sessions.  They’re not only helpful in terms of learning job search skills, they build the confidence of the attendees.

Jim Feruzzi a huge help, answered questions, reviewed my resume in depth and helped maintain calm. He is a huge asset to RM.

Great experience!

My dear Jane,

My deep apologies for not writing sooner.  I been very busy traveling to interviews and being a Mom of a 3 year old and a 9 months old.

I am so please to inform you that I landed a job with new company. This is exactly the change I wanted to make in my career.

I wanted to move away from pharmaceutical sales to medical devices and the new company is a very solid  in the medical device arena.

I accepted their Clinical Sales Consultant position to manage their Immunodiagnostics business in Broward and a  small portion of Dade.  My starting date is Monday the 16th of January.

Thank you for your encouragement, I will never forget the day I walked into your office and I told you that Strayer University had called me to tell me that I need it to take one more class to receive my MBA diploma, after I had already gone to the graduation ceremony.  That day your words of encouragement meant the world to me.

Thank you for everything you did and most important for what you said to me. It allowed me to move on with the process to reach my goal of being employ again. Hope you are having an Amazing 2017!

Great way to gain updates on new ways to find a job (resume, networking, consulting).

Simply…… the people.  The workshops and online courses really help prepare you.

Lee is a great resume coach!

Lee did a great job facilitating.  Very glad to meet and talk with others pursuing new opportunities.  Hope to be able to join future sessions with this group.

Excellent counselor.

Great outline for updating resume’–especially with a lot of work experience!

Excellent coaching advice and very insightful explanation of the Birkman study results! Lee does a tremendous job of listening and getting to know where clients are at in the journey and offers the right questions that help clients better understand the direction they want to go.

Great overview of the Right Management programs and next steps!

Great experience!

Jane did an excellent job and truly motivated me.

Deb – Just want to thank YOU for all the wonderful conversations, resources, and support as I explored my life changes and reinvention. Enjoying life in Pensacola! Be Good. Do Good. Have Fun!

Hi Jane – Happy Monday!!! Three weeks into the new job and truly enjoying it. I want to to keep in touch with you and THANK YOU again for all your Help, Support and pushing me. I really don’t think I could have done it without your kindness, toughness and just being there for me.

If there anything I can help in the future please don’t hesitate in contacting me. I will try to pop back in to the Productivity meeting after things settle here at work.

Hi Deb!   I want to take a moment to thank you and the entire team at Right Management very much for your terrific partnership during my job search. I started this journey with Right Management in late October, 2016 not knowing what to expect. Initially, I was assigned to another coach and he did a good job outlining the program and helping me build a foundation to mentally prepare for the road ahead. When he left the company a couple sessions later, I got concerned that I would be “lost in the shuffle”. However, I can happily say that was not the case!!! When you and I met for the first time in early December, I immediately knew that I would be in great hands!

What impressed me most about you initially was your genuine passion for helping, backed up by proven strategies and tactics to drive results. You wasted no time helping me develop an action plan to identify opportunities. You connected me with great internal resources and went way above and beyond to introduce me to potential external connections as well!

In our second meeting, I mentioned that a local company recently reached out to me about a role. Over the next few weeks, I really saw how terrific a person you were and how dedicated you are to helping your clients achieve a great outcome. As you know, I start tomorrow as the Chief Operating Officer at Spring Footwear. As you also know, this was a roller-coaster of “fun and games” during the exploration and negotiation process.

During this process I leveraged you as a trusted adviser as we reviewed role options, compensation, risks and benefits. I can’t imagine having anyone more responsive and helpful during this process than you. Whether it was a late evening quick answer needed or perspective provided on a number of questions, you were always ready to help!

So with all of that, I am left with simply saying thank you for everything you did for me during our time working together! I definitely plan on staying in touch and helping where I can as a valued partner in your network.

Thanks again!

Deb is a very experienced career coach and life coach. As a seasoned executive, she not only assisted me with defining my career path, but also had a lot of life lessons to share, which I greatly appreciated. Deb is exceedingly smart, efficient, funny and has a joie de vie that is contagious. I looked forward to every meeting with her and am happy that I can call her friend.

It was excellent!!! (Webinar: Age 50+ Job Search)

All the value proposition has resulted extremely valuable and right on the spot during the whole transition process.

Learning and training modules, both in person and via webinar have provided helpful insight and great lessons. I gained tons of new tools and confirmed the right way to build and maintain networking.

Finally, the knowledge and kindness of my coach Lisa Luby was amazing, she always understood my needs, gave me all the time I required and constantly helped, not only with great tools and coaching but also giving support and positive feedback on those “not so good’ days we all have in these transitions.

Further to the update on the job landing, I wanted to thank you for all your support and advice during this period. It was great to have your coaching knowledge and experience backing me up, and even more important for me has resulted your kindness and understanding of the overall situation. Every time we met for a session I ended up filled with tools and knowledge, and fully energized with lots of direction of travel and a positive attitude

Great meeting on negotiations. Great turnout

Excellent job made by the facilitator, Leslie Grey

Great group this week. Ideas exchanged. Lee was an excellent facilitator this week as usual

Excellent round table review today with everyone. Also reviewed changes to job search techniques via LinkedIn.

Excellent group this week. Great discussions, multiple leads.

Lee presented expected view changes of Linked In and we viewed and discussed relative Ted Talk. Excellent professional round table today

Excellent turnout, great discussion.

Full house, great discussion on new version of LinkedIn.

Excellent participation, great updates and networking opportunities.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Helpful seminars and online training. Responsiveness.

My primary reason is their empathy and holistic view of the process.     One on one coaching, training and group support make a difference when you are in these process.

Everyone is extremely helpful. They understand the process and really work to make sure you understand the process.

The excellent resources provided and especially the one-on-one help from my career counselor, Jim Ferruzzi.

Lee and I discussed the BMG Assessment and what it meant to my goals and career choices.  We also discussed some resources to use in my job search.

Great support system when going through a transition period.

Great class.

Great class !!!! Great feed back very useful class !!!

Thank you Jane for your great insight !!! Thanks for your help with business card and LinkedIn.

Jane – Thank you for all your help and coaching.

Lisa great insights. I will rework my resume. Thank you.

Love the class you learn so much !!! (Interviewing Lab)

Great Class (Interviewing Lab) – Always learning something new.

Lee is very professional and helpful.  He is very knowledgeable and focused towards each individuals goals.

This class was very helpful.

Great to have the guest speaker in, well received.

Great resources. Excellent Career Coaches.

Tim is great and keeping me on track.

The resources offered by Right Management have been extremely helpful in guiding me through my career transition. The website is robust, with a multitude of relevant courses and resources, and is very easy to maneuver. I also value immensely the one on one career coaching available.

Jim and his team are very knowledgeable and committed to excellence. I felt confident the feedback Jim provided about my resume and job search was spot on. Thank you.

Hi Jane – Was nice seeing you today and attend another of your Productivity sessions after a long time! Proud to be an alumnus of your organization.

Listening to the testimonials and suggestions from you and many of the participants was very enlightening, which was exactly as I recalled and expected.

I had planned to come by sooner but had many job search activities and interview sessions which occurred on Monday   mornings. Glad I was able to attend this one being they pushed my start date a bit.

I employed the principles which you and Right Management advocate which greatly enabled my job search.

I was hoping to meet with you afterwards, however I noticed you were very busy with calls and had a full afternoon schedule.

Next time I am in the area I will definitely stop by.

Continue the great work you do and the difference you make in the lives and careers of so many of us.

Great information and support in finding a job.

Great refresher and tools to stay on track.

My mentor was the best I could wish for.

Great way to gain updates on new ways to find a job (resume, networking, consulting).

The resources offered by Right Management have been extremely helpful in guiding me through my career transition. The website is robust, with a multitude of relevant courses and resources, and is very easy to maneuver. I also value immensely the one on one career coaching available.

I found the help that I got immediately with my resume most helpful.  Also, it was great to meet with the other job seekers and share our experiences with each other in the productivity sessions with Jim Feruzzi.  The that I attended were very good and helped me with interview skills and cover letters, etc.  The office staff in Maitland was so nice, and very helpful when I needed to make copies and scan documents.

Great event with lots of sharing and networking.

I am very satisfied with Lisa’s service.  She showed professionalism and genuine in in providing employment services.

Caring, knowledgeable staff.  My coaches (Dr. Mike Goodboe and Leslie Gray) were a pleasure to work with.  I had been floundering for months in my job search.  About the time they had my resume and marketing materials in proper order, I landed a position.  The webinars were informative and needed topics.  What I learned about Linked-In alone made whole experience worthwhile.

Good Afternoon Leslie – I would like to share some great news with you.  I have been offered and have accepted a District General Manager position.  The compensation / benefits package was very fair, and I will be based out of Boynton Beach which is close to my home.  My first day will be March 13, 2017.  This position is a little different from the regular retail environment that I usually work in, and I am very excited about this new challenge.  I would like to Thank You for all your support, positivity, and encouragement during my transition process!  I have learned so much over the last few months and I thank you. With Much Appreciation!

Great resources and very professional advisor Leslie Gray.

Great staff at Fort Lauderdale office.

Very helpful session. Good Advice.  Thanks.

Good session with great pointers and advise.

The tools and people at Right Management have been a great help with getting me started in my job search.

Right Management was an excellent resource when I needed it the most!  I learned so much in a short amount of time that really helped me get my job search started!

Desde el primer momento estan muy atentos y dispuestos en ayudar. Tanto con los talleres como en cuanto a plazas disponibles.

Excellent knowledge of subject matter, highly experience of the person who gave the talks.

Jane – This note is to let you know that I will be out of the program for 30 days and hoping to return with the batteries charge after a deserved new vacation/adventure.

I will miss you the following Mondays and hope to be back on June 05 to continue with this excellent service. I have enjoyed every minute of this program.

Walking part of the Santiago de Compostela Way will be a starting point for new opportunities and adventures in my life, and definitely this will close an important chapter and open a new and better book with the help of my friends, as the song says.

Thanks for all the knowledge we receive from you every Monday!!!!!

Hi Janie – Thanks for your feedback.

The “who moved my cheese” topic was great !!  Thanks for being so creative and for pushing us all with your energy and positive thoughts.

As far as your feedback on the resume, I agree with you 100% !!

Leslie is personable and very helpful. She brings me a smile every time I meet with her.

My meeting with Jane was very  helpful due to both her knowledge of the process and her ability to empathize with my situation.  I look forward to future sessions.

Great ideas and direction. Looking forward to following up with Jane.

Jim provides great feedback and is very patient. The tools he provides and recommends are extremely useful.

The information provided was very helpful.  Lee does a great job explaining the benefits of the LinkedIn tools

Thanks so much Wendy!  Your orientation was a great start to this process!

Tim is great at thinking ahead and anticipating my next needs!

Establishes rapport easily, provides excellent input.

Hello Tom & Ladies!

I hope this e-mail finds all my friends at Right Management well in sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Wanted to share with you all my new work contact information here in Chicago, in the hopes that your travels brings you to Chi-town this 2017 🙂

Please know that I will always be grateful for everything you and Right Management have done for my career development and I hope to one day return the favor 🙂  I look forward to reconnecting…

Wishing you nothing but the best this year!!!  Go Noles!

Great experience!!  Really appreciated the feedback from the group and Lee in helping me on my search.  The experiences of others, their stories in what they are doing and have done has been very valuable to me.  It is very clear to me that I have to put the hard work into this search but the tools, training, and opportunities to meet up with others to discuss this experience has been extremely worthwhile.  I am really impressed that this is an organization that is there to help you and also impressed with the group yesterday that for a better expression are people that I do not know, have never met them but they are also trying to help you out with experiences that they have encountered in their job search.  Thank again to Lee and Right Management!!

Enjoyed feedback, agreed with areas that I need to complete and have a better resume that reflects my abilities.

Excellent personnel that truly care about people you are trying to help. Lee Silverstein has great management and communication skills and does an excellent job of following up. This office obviously has a great core staff that work well with each other. Denise Miller has also done an excellent job of communicating with me and I thank her for formatting my resume correctly. Neither Lee or Denise know this as I was just given a job offer today thanks to their efforts.

Your organization is great and one I would be proud to work for.

Leslie was personable and helpful.  She seems to know a lot about the RM resources, and was able to direct me to a variety of tools to help begin my search.  I look forward to our work together.

The instructor is really good  and the contents of the seminar is very appropriated to my needs.

Tim Has been an extremely wonderful support system and resource for me. He has taken the time to get to know me and understand the person that I am.

Tim has been an amazing support system.  He has really helped me with the negotiation process for a job that I have been working on since December 12, 2016.

Tim has been a huge help to me always offers words of encouragement as I am moving through this process.

Tim has offered me a great amount of encouragement through this negotiation process.  He has offered me excellent advise in how to proceed.

Tim Has been an extremely wonderful support system and resource for me. He has taken the time to get to know me and understand the person that I am.

Resume review and lots of online class to strengthen my career hunt.

Jane is on point when advising and sharing her knowledge.  There is always a takeaway from her meetings.  I find Jane to be open, honest, caring and passionate in her work and she instills what she knows.  Jane is a wonderful coach/mentor to be surrounded with.

I found the resources to be very helpful.

Jim was a great individual to meet with me during this time in my career transition.  His upbeat attitude was infectious and I’m looking forward to working with Right Management because of him.

Jane has been a fantastic partner as I chart my new career path.  She has been very supportive, and all of her suggestions and direction has been extremely helpful.  I feel like I have a new friend that I can count on whenever I need her, and her professional guidance is always offered in the most friendly and positive manner possible.

Laura has given me options and avenues to explore that I haven’t thought of.

I found it to be very informative.

Jane was great!  Her comments about other resumes also helped me with mine.

We went over a variety of scenarios which were very helpful to the attendees.  I also learned a great deal from the lab.  Thanks Jane for your instruction!

Today was my final session with Laura.  She has been very helpful throughout this process and I will miss her guidance.

The session was very informative.  I loved the guest speaker, Kelly Merbler.

The guest speaker, Lisa Kemp, was highly motivating.

Great!  Thanks Jane for your help with LinkedIn.

Laura was so patient and helpful in showing me how to Skype.

Even though I’ve been on numerous interviews in my career, I was amazed how much the process has changed.  The handouts were great.  I’m so glad I went to the lab.  Thanks Jane!

Team was very accommodating, warm, and sensitive to participants going through an important journey in the lives.

A HUGE thank you to Jim Ferruzzi for his incredible listening skills and for caring as he does! His follow-through is impeccable and when he assists with things like resume editing etc., there’s no one like him! He helps as if it were his own resume! Beyond that, Jim and the entire team share a care for each client as if we were meant to work together! The respect they show for where we’ve been and the success we’ve had already in our careers, helps rebuild confidence and allows for immediate growth and readiness for the job of finding and securing a job! The ongoing support throughout the process is an unmatched type of support and I’m so grateful to Jim and the team for that! Jim’s introducing me to Amy Barry was another incredible piece of my journey that I’ll always remember! Amy’s excitement for me and for where my experience could take me, gave me a huge boost of confidence and there are no words for how much its meant to me to know I have Right Management keeping my back!

Jim Ferruzzi already gives more than his all and that translates out into incredible experiences! Attempting to improve the experience might only water things down. Amazing people in an amazing company who’s drive, is our success!

Jim Ferruzzi and the rest of the team offered such genuine care and concern for me not just as a job seeker, but as a person! Not once did I feel they were just doing their job but rather, they were doing what they felt passionately about for each of us in need of their services! I’ve already recommended Right Management and I’ll continue to do so!

Jim and his team are very knowledgeable and committed to excellence. I felt confident the feedback Jim provided about my resume and job search was spot on. Thank you.

My mentor was the best I could wish for.

Excellent service, excellent people , Vanessa Reyes, Marleen Salim and Carlos Davila, always went above and beyond to help me with resume, video interview, the workshops, everything. I appreciate and value that very much!

Lots of information good for job hunting and maybe life in general.

Friendly supportive atmosphere. Professional staff.

All of the staff and webinar classes have gone above and beyond to assist in every way possible.

Jim Feruzzi a huge help, answered questions, reviewed my resume in depth and helped maintain calm. He is a huge asset to RM.

Leslie is an amazing consultant and very supportive.

Hi Jane – I attended the 50+ session today & wanted to pass along some thoughts.  I have attended 10-15 Right Mgmt webinars over the past couple of weeks & have found most to be quite valuable.  I’ve gained lots of momentum in my job search & questioned whether today’s session would have a return on investment.  I don’t like to spend a moment doing something that would not yield a positive return in my job search.  I also had concerns that I would just hear how difficult the job search would be at my age & that would only serve to demotivate me & refuel a defeatist attitude.  At the last moment, I dialed in

Drum roll….

I thoroughly enjoyed it.  You really knew the material & came across as such a straight shooter.  Very entertaining at times but always spot on.  I found the material to be valuable & your delivery to be natural.  My biggest criticism from some of the webinars is that the facilitator simply reads their script.  You talked to us more conversationally.  I’m sure you had notes but it came across to me at least very well done.  I thank you for today’s session & wish you the very best with your position at Right Mgmt.  I am better equipped now to position my significant experience in a much stronger way.

I enjoyed working with the team at Right Management. I found the team to be very helpful, patient and understanding. Great team, which I would of had more time.

Laura was awesome!  She gave me some great advice and gave me some specific examples on how to word my answers when asked questions about my salary expectations.

Very knowledgeable and efficient in there seminars and recommendations.

Highly satisfied. Awilda Millan is very experienced on the recruiting and help me tremendously during the process of job interview and negotiation skills.

Awilda & Vera made my job seeking journey a great experience!

The interviewing lab was very useful  It helped me understand my weaknesses when interviewing.

Lisa is extremely responsive and easy to work with.

Great support team.

It was a good experience overall. Because Right Management provides every opportunity for individuals to get out of their own way, network and make changes to their resume and social profiles that gets them noticed.

Leslie is a great coach with terrific advice and guidance. I look forward to our next meeting.

Leslie is committed to helping others and providing the right tools and guidance.

This was my first session with Productivity Group and I gained a lot from it.   The speakers were very motivational and informative.

Lee framed the tools and methods of the job search process in a clear, translatable-to-me way.

I left the event knowing that rule #1 is to align my results in my core statements  to the 4 things employers care about most.

Lee provided good suggestions to improve my resume and it was a good first experience.

Glad I attended the Resume Editing workshop it was very helpful to not only receive feedback but to give it as well in a very informal setting.

First time attending the Candidate Productivity group, very comfortable environment lots of opportunities to network and share experiences.

I am highly satisfied. Carolina is very knowledgeable and insightful. I met with her in reference to an upcoming need, but she opened my eyes to additional possibilities. Not just coaching but help with finding lost hope and raising the standards for myself. Definitely more than what I expected.

Good afternoon Jane and Happy New Year!

I’m writing to let you know I’ve been offered and accepted contract recruiting position with a real estate investment trust company that owns/manages large apartment complexes and vacation/time share properties. I’m really excited because it will allow me to work from home and not relocate.  I completed the online survey sent to me today and included some of the details I’m sharing with you now.

The compensation is less than my last position which I expected since I will no longer be responsible for managing a team of recruiters. I wanted to thank you for suggesting I put “seeking new opportunities…” as my current employer on LinkedIn because that prompted one of my former colleagues to reach out to me and recommend me for the contract position. I should be able to start within the next 7-10 days after clearing the background process and flying to Memphis to complete required paperwork and pick up the company laptop. I also have two telephone interviews scheduled for full-time (not contract) positions which I obtained via the online application process.

Thank you for all of your assistance!

It was a good experience overall. Because Right Management provides every opportunity for individuals to get out of their own way, network and make changes to their resume and social profiles that gets them noticed.

All of the staff and webinar classes have gone above and beyond to assist in every way possible.

I learned many things about myself through your invaluable website. The website offers many ways to learn about yourself, and what is important to you.

The resume creation was a process for me. It took me a while to complete it. BUT I learned during the process.

Right Management has made me think and work. This is a good thing. I wish it lasted longer.

Leslie is fantastic.  Her affable personality and guidance are valuable assets to your organization and I have greatly benefited from my meetings with her.

Leslie is extremely supportive and knowledgeable!

So grateful!

Leslie knows her stuff!

Leslie is very helpful and creative!

Leslie is supportive and also is brave enough to be honest!

They (all whom I had contact with) were always helpful to supply materials, suggestive beyond my request, and very patient when trying to understand my requests and needs.  Thank you to all….

Leslie always exceeds my expectations.

Leslie is inspirational

Very knowledgeable and efficient in there seminars and recommendations.

Great support team.

The excellent resources provided and especially the one-on-one help from my career counselor, Jim Ferruzzi.

Jane is just great!  Such a pleasure.

Laura provided very helpful advice on updating my resume. After knowing I will go an interview, she coached me how to prepare. She is very professional and her help is definitely valuable.

On a different note, I appreciate your time today and all the information you passed on.  At such a difficult time, I am trying to pull the positive out of every day….and you were certainly a positive part of this day!

Chris – Thank you for the wonderful work you have done this week with our people. You have managed to get them excited, motivated and ready to face their challenges and embrace their strengths.  We appreciate you so much.

Henry Lucas You are an exceptional teacher, a passionate coach and a technical mentor! Thank you for your kind guidance at my time of career and life transitions.

Excellent workshop! Henry was extremely knowledgeable on the topic.

Great career mentor!

Very helpful experience for future planning.

Right Management Executive Leadership Team

Fostering talent and fulfilling career goals begins with our own employees and global leadership structure. Our leadership team and employee base are aligned around a global vision to be passionate, responsive, and committed to being our clients’ trusted strategic partner in developing superior workforce performance.
Tom Shea Right Management Florida Caribbean
Tom Shea
Chairman & Founder
Ryan Shea Right Management Florida Caribbean
Ryan Shea
Tammy Davidson Right Management Florida Caribbean
Tammy Davidson
EVP, Client Services
Angie Brainard Right Management Florida Caribbean
Angie Brainard
EVP, Talent Management
Deborah Shelton Right Management Florida Caribbean
Deborah Shelton
EVP, C-Suite Services

Right Management SVP Team

Mary Lallucci Right Management Florida Caribbean
Mary Lallucci
SVP, Florida/Caribbean
Lisa Luby Right Management Florida Caribbean
Lisa Luby
SVP, Florida/Caribbean
Tara Andrews Right Management Florida Caribbean
Tara Andrews
SVP, Florida/Caribbean
Jim Ferruzzi Right Management Florida Caribbean
Jim Ferruzzi
SVP, Florida/Caribbean
Lee Silverstein Right Management Florida Caribbean
Lee Silverstein
VP, Florida/Caribbean

Company History



Maureen & Tom Shea establish Shea Associates, Florida’s first outplacement firm.

New Relationships


Shea Associates joins Right Associates to begin a national outplacement firm. Offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Expansion & Growth

1986 – 1991

Right Associates joins NASDAQ. With additional Florida offices established in Orlando, Tampa, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and Puerto Rico, Right Management’s Talent Management services are born.


1992 – 1994

As Right begins global expansion, Right FL/C earns kudos for its leadership in South Florida’s community. Right FL/C receives a U.S. Army Certificate of Commendation for helping Hurricane Andrew victims. The Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce names the firm Top Professional Services Company.

Name Change


Right changes its name from Right Associates to Right Management Consultants.

Entrepreneurial Success

1998 – 1999

Tom Shea receives the Sun-Sentinel Business Leader of the Year Excalibur Award. Right FL/C is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist, and the team’s outstanding client service earns the Right Management Chairman’s Award.

Time to Trade


Right Management Consultants moves to the NY Stock Exchange.



Manpower, an $18 billion global company, acquires Right. South Florida Business Journal’s Diamond Award recognizes Tom Shea’s entrepreneurship and community service.

A New Vision

2005 – 2006

Guide and Inspire as the vision for Right Management, FL/C is born. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta appoints Tom Shea for the first of two terms as a director of its Miami branch. Maureen Shea is honored as a City of Hope Outstanding Business Leader.

A New Process


RightChoice®, a state-of-the-art, enhanced Career Transition process, takes the outplacement field to the next level, with anytime/anywhere flexibility and follow-through of candidates’ progress until job landing. Tom and Maureen Shea receive NCCJ’s Silver Medallion Award.

Marking a Milestone


Right Management Florida/Caribbean celebrates 30 years in business. Maureen Shea is honored as South Florida Business Journal’s CFO of the Year.

Online Innovations


Rolling out the RightEverywhere® online portal, the company makes access to career management services and tools fully flexible and convenient. Candidates begin using the iView® web-based assessment tool to develop interview skills with online practice and expert coaching.

A Great Company to Work For


Florida Trend magazine honors Right Management FL/C for the second consecutive year as a Best Company to Work For. Tom & Maureen Shea are inducted into the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame and also acknowledged as one of South Florida Finest Couples by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Right Management FL/C Puerto Rico celebrates 20 years.

Putting People First


Right Management continues its career management industry leadership, adding an executive online suite and 7-day-a-week career coaching. The Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve program honors Right Management FL/C with a Patriot Award, recognizing the team’s strong connection with an employee and his family during active duty and upon his return.



Right Management introduces virtual job fairs, dramatically expanding client companies’ access to talent. The Casimiro Global Foundation names Right FL/C as the 2013 Most Socially Responsible Corporation. Maureen Shea receives the Florida Diversity Council’s Glass Ceiling Award for her career achievements.

Continuing Growth


Right Management FL/C becomes a certified Women Owned Business (WBENC) and expands its senior leadership team with Maureen Shea, CEO, Tom Shea, President, and Lisa Wulf, CFO. Maureen receives South Florida Business Journal’s Influential Business Woman of the Year award. The new Right Career Quotient online diagnostic tool enables candidates to gauge their career search readiness.

Excellence Recognized

2015 – 2016

Maureen Shea wins a national Enterprising Women of the Year Award and appears in Forbes Magazine. For the sixth consecutive year, Right Management FL/C is recognized as a Florida Trend Best Company to Work For. CFO Lisa Wulf receives the Florida Diversity Council’s Glass Ceiling Award.

More companies choose Right Management for their outplacement needs than any other firm.

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